Art For Life                                While I live I will grow.


  • Creativity is a fundamental life giving force.
  • Healthy creativity focuses more on the process then on the product
  • We create as a means of communion…..
  • communion with others, ourselves, our Creator, the land, the light, the ordinary.

Workshops/Classes Available:

Photographing Your Art
Developing SMART programs                                             Stop Animation
Composition Theory Made Simple                                       Snow Sculpting
Colour Theory Made Simple                                                Drawing
How to Create Spontaneous Works of Art                           Plein Aire Painting
The Creative Process                                                           Portraiture                              
Creativity and Contemplation                                               Oil and acrylic
How to Critique Your Work                                                Still Life                     
Use of Technology in Art                                                     Water Colour/ Pastel  
Photography, Photoshop and HDR for Art                            Landscape                                                                                                                              

Retreats Critiques Classes and Workshops           
Dean is available to lead retreats, run classes and teach workshops on any of the following topics. Depending upon time frame a combination of topics can be accommodated. In addition more then one instructor can work with a group.  Dean and Gisele Bauche have extensive experience in working with groups. (Pricing would be adapted to accommodate groups.)
Workshop sizes limited to twenty people as Dean likes to provide extensive demonstrations and individual assistance to participants.

Standard fees are based on CARFAC recommended fees as well as travel and accommodation where applicable.

Pricing can be adjusted for smaller groups.

Booking Information:

Contact:  Dean Bauche                                           
Common Sparrow Studios


Box 1025
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0

(306)-937-7567       (306)-441-8629  (cell)